Peabody Competition

Morpeth Road We decided to look at this site because we saw in it the opportunity to explore a few ideas about new housing. In particular we hoped the length of the site would allow us to explore ways to introduce a variety of distinctively different homes but in a homogenous way. The first action was to see the density we would need to achieve on the site. We wanted to aim for as few two storey elements as possible
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W6 Pop Down

In the middle of the busiest part of Hammersmith, where the roads, tubes and river converge there is a length of empty space, which is not used. Thousands of people pass through it, over it, or by it but very few ever take the time to stop and look and appreciate the beauty of the space or the amenities it could provide. It is covered, dry, well lit and safe and could be used by many, old and young, resident and visi
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